About Paris

I am a model and exclusive companion!. I am very cultured, as my travels professionally and personally have taken me to many beautiful locations around the world. As a result of my many excursions, I have gained a profound appreciation for people, a possitive outlook on life an a uncanny ability to adjust to divserse social situations with ease and grace.

I have golden tan smooth skin that is accentuated by my short light blonde hair and an impecable figure. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle though herbal friendly :). I also work hard at maintaining my toned body. I maintain beauty in and out . I love to dress to impress and my appearance is always elegant and sexy. I turn heads in any room. 

You will discover that I am sincere, intellegent, worldy and extremly down to earth.I have broken the mold on the standard sterotype of a model. I am also ambitious and a bit of a perfectionist.I believe that you should do whatever it is that you do, with a heart-felt conviction. 

You will see that I am more than just a pretty exterior but a classy lady that understands and appreciates the little things. Some of my many passions in life include, Traveling, ( Vegas is my fav)!!,fishing, sporting events, music events, exploring new dinning establishments, and outdoor activies.

I would also like to point out that I am pretty exclusive with the company I choose to keep.